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Chef Meal Kits goes L.A. with Chef Bruce Kalman

Chef Meal Kits goes L.A. with Chef Bruce Kalman

Chef meal Kit service is expanding into the city of Angeles. With the cities large food selection and talent ,as far as the eye can see, we are excited to start this L.A. journey with none other than Chef Bruce Kalman.

Chef Bruce Kalman owner of The Misfit in Santa Monica, and Executive chef at Union in Pasadena, CA, has joined the list of amazing chefs that are partnering with us at Chef Meal Kits.

New Jersey born and raised, Kalman’s passion for food has followed him throughout his life. From his start at a small pizzeria in Jersey, attending a culinary program at a community college and making his way through many states to hone his skills and perfect his simple approach to great food.  

“I like working with my hands because there is a much deeper connection to food “
— Chef Bruce K.

His love for pasta has driven him to create his own take on classic dishes, that takes a masterpiece and allows you to experience it, in its simplest yet finest form.

Check out all the amazing recipes he has designed for all of our peeps at Chef Meal Kits.

Pork Meatballs w/ Amatriciana Sauce

A taste from home. These meatballs were Chef Bruce’s first memories of cooking with his grandma. Tender & moist pork meatballs, bathed in a smoky San Marzano tomato sauce

Wild Mushrooms And Polenta

Polenta is such a versatile dish that anyone can enjoy. Turning this dish into a vegetarian option by pairing a creamy local-ground polenta with sautéed wild mushrooms, garlic & herbs, finished with a sherry vinegar.

Steamed Mussels W/Guanciale & Fregola Di Sardo

Adding more heftiness to your mussels, this pasta and seafood fusion is far from your average plate.

Ricotta Cavatelli w/Fennel Por Sausage

A staple dish of Cavatelli shaped pasta, Italian sausage and mixture of chicken broth, rapini and pecorini romano, will leave anyone patiently waiting for a second serving.

Chicken Saltimbocca w/Argo Dolce

Don’t let the name scare you. Saltimbocca translates to “jump in my mouth” in Italian. The balance of sweet and sour from the cauliflower, and the tender savory taste of the chicken, will have you shoveling every single piece into your mouth.

Braised Holtstein Short Ribs

The image says it all but just to make your mouth water a bit more this slow braised short rib packs so much flavor it doesn’t need to be paired.

Roasted Duck w/ Fennel & Corn Ragout

If you haven’t had brined duck before you’ll taste how worthwhile it is, with every bite. A rich, colorful dish served with Bruce Kalman’s own giardiniera, which is an Italian-style mix of pickled vegetables.

Spiced Persimmon Bundt Cake

Ending the list with a sweet little something that nobody can pass. A scrumptious bundt cake glazed with a cream cheese coating and luscious pickled blueberry jam.

Look into more Chef Bruce’s work and follow his new endeavor with fellow Top Chef Tyler Anderson as they are soon to open a new place called, Square Peg Pizza in Glastonbury, CT in Spring of 2019. A pizza place that will be worth the taste.

Chef Bruce’s collection of pasta plates and sweet Bundt cake dessert will take your dining experience to a new level of taste. So, try out Chef Bruce unique dishes and recreate an amazing dinner yourself, all with our Chef Meal Kit..

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