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Last Minute Date Ideas

Last Minute Date Ideas

A small gesture can go along way, if it truly comes from the heart.
— AE

We’ve all been in that situation where you find yourself scrambling last minute for a great date idea. It’s too late for dinner reservations, or ordering you hubbies favorite dish from Chef Meal Kits, and going out may not be an option, what do you do?

Whether it’s Valentines day, an anniversary or just a cuddle time date, here’s some quick ideas for a cute and hassle free date.

Wine & Paint Night

I know this might sound so Pinterest basic, but it’s actually an amazing way to get a little tipsy and let your artistic side show, and even if your not that artsy playing around with paint is always a good idea.

All your supplies can easily be found at your local Target, Walmart, CVS, or even 99cent store. Buy some white boards, a set of paints and brushes, and the key ingredient wine, with a great playlist and your set.

Easy, simple and let’s be honest, creative to the max.

Easy Bake Time

Turn up the heat with a sweet bake session. Trust me you don’t have to be a Top Chef to get this right. Romantic and cute, you will surely get brownie points for this fun idea. Buy some square square shaped cookie dough, bake it and then start decorating with icing, sprinkles and bam, you’e got some personalized sweet treats, that didn’t cost you, your months rent. And well If things get a little messy no one will mind.

Not really in the baking mood then keep it easy and classy, with some home made chocolate covered strawberries. Dip + Dry.

  1. Melt a Hershey’s chocolate bar 2. Dip the strawberry in the chocolate 3. Let it sit and dry.

You and you’re lover won’t be the only snacks in the house.

Of course, none of these options would be complete without the cherry on the top, Wine. And if there’s any left then have a cute goodie bag to-go or just enjoy them together all night long.

Candles, Cheese, Action

Let’s take your average movie night to a new level. While this one may seem cliché and over done, the key is putting as much of a personal touch as you can.

Set up the ambiance, some candles and mood lighting can go a long way. Instead of sitting on the couch create a comfy sitting arrangement on the floor, I mean if it works for Princess Jasmin it works for us. Create a simple cheese and meat tray that will up the class level on this night (check this one out). And last but not least have a choice of 3 movies already picked, so you don’t spend all the time trying to chose one. Because at the end you might not even watch it, so let’s not waste time.

If you’re looking for some movies to pair you’re dinner to, then take a look at the lineup we have of specially crafted meals for these blockbuster movies.

While all these ideas might seem simple remember that what counts in all of these is the excitement and heart you put into it. Personalize it to fit your partners likes. Their favorite flowers or candy or even buying them that extended DVD set of their annoying favorite show.

Now go out there and get your love on.

Good luck from the CMK team. We’re rooting for you!

Hey, if your searching to try something new then check out our dinner date “a la chef meal kit” and pick from our goodies, and create your own 3 course meal.

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