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Get in the fusion with the all new Isabel Cantina Meal kit!

Get in the fusion with the all new Isabel Cantina Meal kit!

Found in the “busy” streets of PB this oasis will give you a chance to go on a delicious retreat of Mexican cuisine with a touch of Asian fusion. Chef Isabel Cruz brings her culinary Latin heritage to every dish but embraces the Asian influence that has been a big part of her life, growing up in the city of Los Angeles. A Self-taught owner and cookbook author, you can sense the passion that goes into every combination. With bold colors and exotic tastes, she could not be any prouder of her menu items. Just as we are, here at Chef Meal Kits, to have her onboard the CMK team. 

A bit of Latin, a bit of Asian all in one Chef Meal Kit.

Grilled Chipotle-Lime Ribeye

Ribeye for two? Who can say no to a thick cut, dry aged ribeye? Marinate it and grill it with a tasty chipotle & lime sauce.

Chili Rellenos

This is what we’re talking about. A classic Chili relleno recipe with a twist of Asian minted mango salsa, a signature Isabel dish. 

Seared Scallops

Take a chance and dive into creating this seared jumbo sea scallops, with saffron tomatos served with a lemon caper sauce. 

Rack of Lamb

Create your own fine dining experience with a juicy rack of lamb. Make the night even sweeter with caramelized potato medallions and served with mint-cilantro sauce. 

Turkey Albondigas Soup

Take your meatball soup south of the border with this comforting soup selection.

Latina Shrimp Boil

Step up your shrimp broil game by taking a rich Latin style approach. Extra chorizo, veggies and served with jalapeño honey butter. 

Chicken Diablo

Sink your teeth into whole savory chicken, run through the steps and learn to perfectly marinated and grill for the whole family.

Blackned Salmon

Isabel_s Salmon.jpg

A delicious high heat blackened salmon with a crunchy and juicy jicama and pineapple diced salsa.

A Perfect Valentine's Day dinner "á la Chef Meal Kit"

A Perfect Valentine's Day dinner "á la Chef Meal Kit"

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