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Masala Street Co. + Chef meal Kits

Masala Street Co. + Chef meal Kits

Grand Master Chef Hemant Oberoi, an Indian Chef legend has a career spanning up to 40 years. A world known trend setter in Indian and western cuisine.

 Here at Chef Meal Kits were thrilled to work with the outstanding crew at Masala Street Co. Prepping your favorite dishes to create an easy guide on how to make these amazing recipes at home.

“Cooking is like love, both come from the heart. You have to be extremely passionate about what you do”
— Chef Hemant Oberoi.

With those inspirational words in mind, let’s dive into the appetizing menu presented by Masala Street Co. and CMK.

Chicken Tikka Masala

A dish that has become a staple of Indian cuisine even though it was created in England. This filling dish is made up of chicken breast bathed in tomatoes peppers and spices. 

Martabaan Ka Meat

A lamb-based dish pickled with classic Indian spices and flavors, with a side of basmati rice, that will surely please your taste buds. 

Bhatti Ka Paneer

Add this delectable plate of Indian cheese to any recipe. Baked, fried grilled or stewed its versatility will be a great addition to your dish.  

Papdi Chaat

Presenting a popular Indian street food all in bite size, and perfect for any event.  Spice, mango, tamarind and yogurt, a blast of flavor worth the try.  

Chicken Kathi Roll

A chicken tikka meal to go! Don’t worry it has all the fresh veggies, eggs and mint chutney your heart desires. 

Masala Prawns Popcorn

With this dish you will be tempted to play with your food. A spicy & tangy take on the fun popcorn shrimp plate.

Allepey Fish Curry

Full of color and flavor this Cod curry, served with basmati rice and bathed in a mango & coconut spice, is a dish that not only looks good but tastes good.  


Inspired by the amazing Mexican cusine in SoCal, they had to add this street food to their meal options. A delicious mix of spiced potatoes, peas and yoghurt dressing. 

Cooking is all about discovering new flavors and new cultures from all over the world. So take a trip with us at Chef Meal Kits and try a new Masala Street Co. Indian dish.

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