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Juice up your day with a Mad Beet approved Chef Meal Kit

Juice up your day with a Mad Beet approved Chef Meal Kit

Cravings come at any time. After an intense work out, a busy day at the office or an in between day snack. Sometimes we want something sweet, other times salty and even a bit of spice to give us a boost of energy. But why do we have to compromise between healthy and savory?

Located in the breeze city of Pacific Beach, lies The Mad Beet juice shop. Bringing a creative twist on health, they provide an assortment of juices, wraps and more.

With its flavor packed juices and welcoming scene, you could only imagine how excited our team at Chef Meals Kits was to be adding the Mad Beet juice options to our meal menus.

This menu covers all taste buds. From your natural sugar junkies to your all green lovers, there is something on the list to crush those unhealthy cravings.

Salt n’ Papaya

Looking for a tropical vibe with a twist. This mango, papaya, kale & spinach drink will provide a sweet pick me up throughout your day. Including a pinch of sea salt and a dash of tajin for that extra kick.


The Run OGC is a vitamin C packed classic. With your freshly squeezed orange juice, carrots and ginger packed flavored, it’s the trifecta of juices.


Start off your daily juice with your fundamental greens; kale, celery and cucumbers. Then give it a natural sweet taste with Fuji apples and honey. Then finish it off with a kick of lemon, ginger and cayenne pepper, and you have the best drink to quench any thirst, Lemonom.

Beets By Dre

Nothing like Beets by Dre to get you on your feet and on the move. With its nutrient rich recipe of spinach, beets, carrots, cucumbers and apples. As well as its antioxidant effects from oranges and ginger roots, this juice will get you through your day.

The Arktik Monkey

There is nothing more satisfying than a cold, rich and protein filled drink after an amazing workout. With its almond milk base, chopped bananas, and a punch of whey protein and peanut butter, the Arktik Monkey is our #1 pick.

While we’ve all been through phases in which we choose to make healthier choices and start making our morning juices or late-night smoothies. Finding out your missing half of those ingredients just puts a major dent on your health goals. 

Here at Chef Meal Kits we want to make sure you never face those tedious moments, as well as enjoy your favorite juices, with genuine ingredients, straight from your go to juice shop. 

The Barrel Room's Chef Meal Kit is here!

The Barrel Room's Chef Meal Kit is here!

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