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Bivouac Ciderworks

Bivouac Ciderworks

North park is home to a fine selection of breweries and appetizing cuisine. Yet, one thing that this neighborhood is lacking in, is cider! This crisp and flavorful drink has been sweeping all throughout California and has been making its way down south. Bivouac Ciderworks, was one of the few to open up its doors this year and focus on the upcoming art that is cider. With an adventurous outdoor theme that carries throughout the interior design, it is no surprise to see why Chef Danilo “DJ” Tangalin, is not afraid of bringing in foreign influences to create a flavorsome menu.

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Chef Danilo has worked with a multitude of top chefs and through his travels has gathered influences from French, Spanish, Italian and Filipino cuisine. We could not be happier to partner with Chef Danilo to bring you all your favorite dishes from the epic Bivouac Ciderworks.

Cider Braised Carnitas Tacos

No matter the occasion Tacos are always the right answer. These carnita tacos, topped with pico de pineapple, pepper crema and some classic cilantro and radish, will be the perfect and quick option for any event you host.

Spanish Octopus

This recipe is one you should not shy away from. Charred octopus tentacle, bathed with ash aioli and some pepperoni jam, a dish that is worth the time.

Gluten Free Apple & Date Fritters

Oh yes dessert time. These bites will be the cherry on top to your dinner. Oh and did we mention you can also serve it a la mode, yes ice cream.

Cider Steamed Mussels

Cooking with seafood can sometimes be off putting but this simple recipe will make you feel like an all-around head chef. Fresh mussels cooked in cider and bathed in Gochujang aioli, all in Bivouac Ciderwork style.

Spring Lamb Stew

This hearty dish of lamb, braised vegetables and peas & potato stew, just gives us home vibes.

Tuna Poke

Awarded 1st place at this years, 2018 I Love Poke Festival. Need we say more. This is a must try.

Vegan Cider Risotto

Far from your traditional risotto this vegan friendly dish is packing so much flavor. A balanced combination of sweet yams and pickled mushrooms, it will surely leave your guest in awe.

Gluten Free Apple Glazed Chicken Wings

Wings are the perfect snack for any game or friend reunion. So, why not step up your game by trying these apple-glazed wings.

While some things may seem out of our league, when cooking new plates. At chef Meals Kits, that is the exactly what we want to change. Along with a great chefs recipe and our guide and support, we want to help you learn from the chef at Bivouac Ciderworks and become the chef of your home.

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